Plumbing Service

Alpha Lynx Inc Plumbing we are very careful of how we conduct our business and it is our goal to be fair to our customers. We offer a service that is in demand in a competitive field. This is why special attention is given to each and every job, or customer, that we have the opportunity to serve. We want to make a difference! It is a happy customer who sells our business.


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Plumbing Services

If your home’s toilets, showers, pipes or other plumbing fixtures are in need of service, you need the most reliable residential plumbing team. Alpha Lynx Plumbing Services, brought our unmatched expertise to households throughout GTA, offering professional service’ at every stage of the proc


We can repair, install, and perform maintenance on just about any tub including standalone tubs, tubs that are combined with a shower, and Whirlpool or Jacuzzi tubs.

Drain Cleaning & Repairs

When you turn on your faucet, you expect clean water to come out. When it doesn’t, you know that something is wrong. Call us to schedule a plumbing inspection, component replacements or drain and sewer cleanings. We’ll ensure your plumbing system continues to function whenever you need it the most. the process.